Community Hub

Ongoing project to create Crosscrake Community Hub

The aim of the project is that Crosscrake Community Hub should be an inclusive and engaging community space that reaches out to all groups in our rural parish. A place at the very heart of our community where both young and old can enjoy a range of activities, develop new skills and interests and come together in fellowship and friendship.

To achieve our aim, we are building a spacious modern meeting place with the flexibility to create one large room or smaller meeting rooms within the main space. It will be sympathetically linked through a light-filled atrium to the northern aspect of the church allowing us to retain the integrity of our lovely country church.

It is designed to be a hub or centre for new and existing groups/organisations and a catalyst for a range of imaginative projects, programmes and events.

St Thomas’ Church, Crosscrake is a thriving and growing church. Our ambition is to make a real difference to the lives of people living in our small, but widespread rural parish. This project is a vital part of our work.

The key elements of the project:
Create a spacious and accessible meeting place with modern facilities adjacent to the church.

Provide a place of fellowship for lunch, breakfast, meetings and workshops, along with hospitality, for example, after weddings and baptism.

Facilitate organisations, groups and projects, including intergenerational activities, that have the capacity to inspire and transform communities.

Enable those facing loneliness and social isolation, particularly older people, to feel that they are active, contributing and valued members of this community.

Welcome and recognise the ability of children and young people to be fully involved in leadership and decision-making so that activities/programmes fully reflect their needs and allow them to make a difference to the lives of others.