Crosscrake Church Services

The main service of the week at present is a Common Worship Eucharist (Parish Communion) every Sunday at l0am. On the first Sunday the service is a Family Communion with a simplified liturgy aimed at young families who stay in the service throughout.

There are occasional mid-week and other special services. On Fifth Sundays, services are shared with other members of the Helm group of Parishes in different churches.

Details of upcoming services and events can be viewed on our Calendar Page.

Hymns are taken from ‘Hymns Old and New’, copies of which were largely donated by members of the congregation during 2008-9. Readings are taken from the Revised Standard Bible according to the lectionary. There is considerable lay participation; members of the congregation lead the intercessions, read the lesson and gospel, and take up the elements for Holy Communion in procession. Several members of the congregation are licensed to assist in the distribution of the chalice at Communion and take Holy Communion to the housebound. Members of the congregation in rotation welcome, distribute books and take the collection.

Online Services

During the 18-month period of the Covid-19 pandemic, online services were provided each week, with many members of the congregation participating in the services. An archive of these services is available to view here.

More about Crosscrake Church Services

Over the past few years, the Patronal Festival has been celebrated on the Millenium Field in Sedgwick, which encourages wider local support.

The average attendance at the main morning service is between 45-50, rising to over 100 for special occasions.

The churchmanship is central. We are conscious that we need to be inclusive and cater for people coming from a wide range of Church traditions and indeed from other denominations who have chosen to worship with us.

The remarriage of divorcees is currently at the discretion of the priest. There have been several remarriages recently.

The DJs meet during service time on the third Sunday of the month. Crosscrake School, the local Beavers, Cubs and Brownies, Guides and Scouts attend periodically.


The Church has a pipe organ, played by a regular organist, and a piano when there is no organist. The Church has a robed choir, of up to 10 adults, affiliated to the RSCM.

You can view the latest online service below and if you would like to join in, please download a printable service booklet and prayer sheet using the links below.